What happens in 60 seconds on the internet

60 seconds in the life of the internet

60 seconds doesn’t really sound like a lot of time does it? It wasn’t that long ago that it took that long before a television set had warmed up enough for it to be watchable but we live in different times now. it’s a fast moving world and the internet is at the forefront but just what can be fitted into one minute on the information super-highway? You’ll be surprised!

Abandoned supercars of Dubai

The abandoned supercars of Dubai

The U.A.E. became rich off the back of it’s oil resources and no other place represented the wealth of it’s country like Dubai, it’s streets ware practically dripping with the most glamorous hypercars available to the fattest wallets but even this rich nation isn’t immune to the global economic downturn. The U.A.E. has harsh laws on people in debt so many people prefer to flee the country leaving behind may of their possessions … including their cars. This video shows the expensive and luxurious supercars left abandoned on the streets of Dubai!